The New York Life TCPA settlement was the largest TCPA settlement with consumers reporting massive payment checks.

Occasionally, class-action suits can be very profitable for people other than the attorneys. If claimants wanted to exchange their store credit for cash, they were eligible to do so and recover cash totaling 75 percent of the store credit. Boy Scout Abuse Settlement Amounts - Read the Class Actions legal blogs that have been posted by Roy D. Oppenheim on Little amounts from different places add up over time. Equifax Class Action Settlement $125 Per Affected Person (More For Those Who Upload Proof) July 24, 2019 By Tracy Banks. Advertisement I hope this helps, add me please I have not received anything, I haven’t recieved any benifits yet. Equifax Class Settlement . This happens to us all the time. When you click on the claim deadline, you’ll actually be navigated to where you input your information to get your check from the lawsuit, so the site makes it very easy to get the money you are owed. If you remember receiving a call from Sirius XM between 2013 and 2016, and you are confident that you had joined the Do Not Call Registry by then, you may be entitled to either of these.